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Mr. Khan, Chairman of Daffodil International University & Daffodil Group has now become a celebrity of ICT & Education business in Bangladesh. Only a few years back, that means in the very beginning of nineties (1990), he started his career as an IT business man.

Daffodil is a conglomerate of IT sector and simultaneously a prime education provider of the country. It has been working more to achieve further success and to keep pace with development process. It has been involved in more than a dozen large-scale projects and successfully manage to find sure solutions for ICT services and education. It has also been able to meet many people engaged in the information system business and education while participating directly in the projects, PC manufacturing, providing service, and network solution. In a nut shell Daffodil has been working for providing a TOTAL Solution.

Mr. Khan is working as a Director of Dhaka Chamber of Commerce and Industry (DCCI), Immediate past President of Bangladesh Computer Association (BCS), Member of Prime Minister ICT Task Force, Founder Chairman of Daffodil International University and has a lot of other representations in various Social, Cultural and Business organizations.

He is a self-made Businessman and acknowledged as one of the most outstanding top Business Leaders of Bangladesh Business World. He who has made immense and indelible contribution in the field of Computer Education, Human Resource Management and Development towards the nation. His high level super quality leadership performance in creating excellent awareness in computer education and IT business in Bangladesh and can be a role model for the upcoming business leaders of the country to emulate improvement of the quality management and lives of the people in Bangladesh.

In recognition of his outstanding service towards the nation, he already has received more than 100 awards, rewards and Gold medals from various national & international organizations. In addition to this, he likes to make our country free from unemployment problems and poverty alleviation by creating a number of fields in the job market with the passage of time.